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Salad & Sugarcane

Grow your own salad and juice up some superfoods!

Join our food farmers on the rooftop for a true Farm-to-Table experience: Everything you'll eat here comes from the garden growing around you, plus chop up some sugarcane and fire up a real grinding machine to make your own ice cold treat!

During this superhealthy hands-on workshop, we will guide you to prepare your own tropical salad from our microgreens, and enjoy it live garnished with other veg foraged straight from our farm. You will also take home a microgreens kit, bursting with incredible levels of nutrition, and learn about how to grow them well.

Highlights of this 1.5h session

- Learn about the history of raw salad consumption in Asian cuisine

- Go foraging from garden plants including real live sugarcane

- Take home a microgreen seedling kit ready to be eaten in 1 week!



Join-In Sessions

Held every Sunday, 2:30 to 4pm. Min. 4 to start*

Adult (>13 y.o.): $70
Child (3 to 12 y.o.): $60 

 From 11 Apr '24 onwards, prevailing GST rates will apply.

*You may sign up even if you do not have 4 pax.

As more pax sign up later on, they will be added to the session. However if we do not reach 4 pax by the day before, you may either a) reschedule to another date, or b) choose to upgrade your booking to a private session.

Private Pricing

On any day, any time, subject to availability. Please Whatsapp us to enquire. 

2 pax (all ages): $220 total

>2 pax: $220 for 2 pax + $60/ additional pax

E.g: 4 pax will cost $220 + (2 x $60) = $340 total

 From Apr '24 onwards, prevailing GST rates will apply.

School tours

40 pax on the rooftop

3 - 12 y.o.: $40 per person
(Accompanying adults 50% off)

 From Apr '24 onwards, prevailing GST rates will apply.


Want to gift this experience? 


We sell Gift Vouchers for all our experiences. We can customise the voucher to include the name of your recipient, and send it direct to them or through you.


Contact us via the WhatsApp button to enquire or make a purchase.

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