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Rooftop Farm Experience

Our Flagship Experience


We started The Sundowner in 2020 with this, and over the years it has gotten even more popular. Attend this one-of-a-kind experience and learn how everything in nature is interconnected.

Over 2 hours, reconnect with nature on a beautiful rooftop farm floating above the unexpected setting of the Siglap restaurant belt.

Start with digging into soil to search for underground critters like earthworms, which keep it alive and full of organic nutrients. This grows healthy plants, which produce flowers and nutritious fruits!

More than 70% of our food crop need pollinators. Enter our rescued bees: observe them foraging from the flowers around the farm, then make friends and hand-feed them pollen! Don a bee suit to go up close to inspect their nests and learn about their fascinating lives in a colony. 

Finally savour a flight of exotic honeys from our extensive Southeast Asia-focused honey library... and end off your evening sipping your a freshly prepared garden-garnished cocktail over sunset.

Our 2hr RFE features 3 unique activities:

  • Organic Farming Class (40 mins)

  • Bee Encounter (40 mins)

  • Farm-to-table Tastings (40 mins)



Join-in sessions happen from 5 to 7pm, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Min 4 pax to start*

Private sessions can be arranged on any day, subject to availability.

Join-In Sessions

Min. 4 to start*, Max 8 pax per host

Non-participants (caregivers, teachers etc) can
be present when paying 50% of the below rates


Adult (>13 y.o.): $115 
Child (0 to 12 y.o.): $85 

*You may sign up first even if you do not have 4 pax. As more pax sign up later on, they will be added to the group. However if we do not reach 4 pax by the day before, we will either a) inform you to reschedule to another date, or b) you can choose to upgrade your booking to a private session. 

Private Sessions 

On any day, any time, subject to availability

2 pax (All ages): $350 total
3 to 8 pax: $350 for 2pax + ad
ditional $100/pax
(E.g. 5 pax will cost $350 + $100 x 3 = $650) 







We also run virtual RFEs!

Perfect for the extremes-- small team-bonding sessions, or
for very large groups such as school cohort learning trips​.

We zoom you into a live bees' nest, send out honey flights
to your doorstep, and do a live guided tasting with you. 

Prices are $500 per virtual session, plus $10 - $30 per honey flight
sent out depending on jar size.  Enquiries via Whatsapp below.

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