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Not just a destination. An experience. 

Our Story

The Sundowner is an oasis of green floating above the bustling cafes and bars of the Siglap restaurant belt. When we first chanced upon the space in mid-2020, we fell in love with the quiet space above juxtaposed against the busyness below. We decided to make what was an empty concrete rooftop, into a nature-based social space. Every plant and pebble (and bee!) has been lovingly put together to create this unique experience centre.

We started The Sundowner with our flagship 'Rooftop Farm Experience' in the Covid season of 2020. Quickly getting booked out, we wanted to offer us travel-starved souls new and unique experiences. So we launched Secret Pizza Club at our L1 backyard in Mar 2021, and opened the outrageous Nomad's Tent bar in June 2021. With these spaces we had the platform to offer a range of experiences such as craft workshops, chillout movie screenings, and other farm experiences including ants and earthworm encounters. In 2024 we have 18 different nature-based activities!

What is a sundowner?
Those who have been on safari might know-- it's a drink (usually alcoholic), enjoyed at day's end, while watching the sun dip slowly below the horizon. We enjoyed one too many on our honeymoon to Kenya in 2014, and had been dreaming about doing it again. So in June '20, when we found this rooftop in the east, it gifted us the rarest of things: The chance to sip a sundowner in Singapore! A few months later, we invite you for a tipple under changing colours of sky.

What Can You Do Here

Lots, spread across three levels in an iconic yellow 1960s shophouse, in the eclectic east!

1. Farm

Escape from the shopping malls, spiral up our 1960s staircase, and come face to face with our Bees, Ants, and Earthworms... or tie it all together at the Rooftop Farm Experience. You and your kids will be talking about it for weeks to come!

2. F&B

We love doing things from scratch here. Start your day brewing Coffee, or end it mixing Cocktails. Hand-make a Pasta lunch or Pizza dinner. Or treat your tastebuds at our curated Honey-Pairings. All feature fresh herbs that you'll forage from our farm!

3. Nature

So many 'nature workshops' happen in drab classroom settings. Try your hand at our niche range, held on a rooftop garden! Every heard of making a Mini Zen Garden or Mini Treehouse? Or the ancient art of Paper Marbling? Do it here! 

4. Chillout

All that too much work? Come sip some themed cocktails at our outrageous Nomad's Tent bar, wow yourself with a private magic show, or lounge on the rooftop with a movie under the stars. We also help organise truly unique parties.

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