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FAQs & T&Cs



1. What can I do at The Sundowner?

We have created a nature-based experience centre unlike any other in Singapore, all set inside a conserved shophouse. Choose from Farm Encounters (we are best known for our honeybees), or attend a Craft Workshop, like building a mini zen garden. F&B your thing? Make pasta or pizza with us, or even learn you how to mix a cocktail. All that too much work? Just Chillout: get drinks at our sand bar on L2, or use the L3 rooftop garden as a lounge. Eat food. Read a book. Smoke. Sing karaoke. Watch a movie. Propose. Anything legal!

2. I don't need any activities, just planning a proposal / party night

If you don't need any of our hosted activities, our Movie Screening is perfect. The package is 3.5 hrs (8:15 - 11:45 p.m.), available any day of the week. It includes 3 drinks per person, and complimentary Wifi, BBQ pit, projector system, and karaoke mics. Do Whatsapp us if you wish to plan a special occasion. Please note that for any activities you wish to have outside of our normal itineraries, there will be a $150 - $200 surcharge. This will cover 2 in-person meetings prior, and other operational tasks we'll assist with before and during the event.

3. Is the area sheltered? What should I wear?

Click to see pics of our L3 Rooftop (30 pax capacity) and L1 Secret Pizza Club (10 pax capacity). They are are open-air but sheltered and both can take light rain. We use many many air-coolers, but recommend you wear breezy, light coloured clothing. Nomad's Tent, our L2 indoor bar (8 pax capacity) is the only air-conditioned venue in our centre. If you wish to have an aircon / all-weather setting for larger groups, we are partnered with the cool Santai bar (40 pax capacity) just next door! We can also run most of our activities offsite. Whatsapp us to enquire. 

4. What's the F&B policy?

For our F&B experiences: You’ll eat / drink your own creations, e.g. pasta or pizza, or cocktails. You may bring more tidbits to snack on, but all drinks are to be served by us exclusively. Corkage is available.

Our non F&B experiences: (E.g. Bees Ants Worms) don’t have a window for makan before / after. If you wish to chill out or eat before or after your session, you may book a Lounge Session (10% off!) and tabao food up. 

5. What is the minimum booking size?

For group join-ins, you can sign up with any number (inc solo), and we will add participants to the group for that session. If we do not reach the minimum number for that session (usually 4 pax), you may either a) Reschedule the session, and we will inform you 1-2 days prior. You may then find a new date at your convenience. Or b) Find more friends to join or Top up to a private session, to ensure the session goes ahead.
As our space is limited, do note that only paying participants are allowed into our premises. Non-participants (caregivers, teachers etc) can be present when paying 50% of the rates. They may not participate in the activities, not take photos, and stay our of earshot.  

6a. Child / Elderly-friendly? 

Our activities are generally suitable for children aged 6 years and up, except our Pasta or Pizza Making which require higher motor skills. For our RFE, we have bee suits for kids.

Take note that stuff on the rooftop involves climbing a spiral staircase 3 levels up (and down). No lifts – this is a pre-war shophouse. Wheelchair access is possible only for Pizza or Pasta-making at Secret Pizza Club on L1.  Please inform us in advance if you or your guests have any handicaps

6b. Pet-friendly?

Yes, our rooftop is perfect for this! However if there are other prior participants, we require their consensus, and dogs should be leashed so that accidents don't occur and tails are not stepped on. Do let us know when making your booking that you plan to bring your pet. Please note we also have bees on the rooftop.


7. I'm scared of bees. How?

Foraging bees are peaceful as they are focused on getting nectar and honey – not you. If you do not disturb their hive, they will generally not disturb you. We locate our apiary in a corner of the rooftop to avoid accidental contact. If you are allergic to stings, it is best to avoid booking any of our Bee Encounters.  

Recommended attire: For your Bee Encounter, we provide bee suits. Do wear loose-fitting long pants and covered shoes for best protection, and avoid using perfume which can set them off.

8. Can I come visit anytime if I'm in the area?

We open by appointment only. Please don't turn up at our door to come visit! Contact us prior and we'll be happy to set an appointment time. 

9. Usage of media

Our hosts don't just teach the technical stuff-- they'll help you create a memorable experience that we hope you'll keep for months to come. During your session, they'll also snap pics and vids of you in action, and send it to you after, FOC. We reserve the right to use these pictures for our socials or other publicity, unless you expressly ask us not to do so.

10. The stuff you guys do is so cool, can I join The Sundowner? 

Sure! We are always on the lookout for talented Hosts, Helps, and Bee Rescuers. Many of our part-timers are previous participants of our activities. More info on our Careers page.


Cancellation Policy

1. For join-in bookings, all payments are strictly not refundable. We can postpone your booking if you inform us:

a. >3 days (72 hrs) before the event: This can be done, just let us know your new date. There will be no charge to reschedule, but we cannot do refunds. 

b. <3 days (72 hrs) before the event: We are sorry that you are deemed to have missed your booking. A refund or reschedule is not possible. In such a case, you can either i) re-book your event for another date (with 10% off as you'd be considered a returning customer), or ii) ask a friend to attend on your behalf.

2. For private bookings, if you wish to drop the number of attendees and inform us:

a. >3 days (72 hrs) before the event: Full refunds can be made.

b. Within 2 days (48 hrs) of the event: Full refunds can be made for up to 10% variation of the total number booked. (E.g. if booking was for 20 pax, refund can be done for up to 2 pax only).

c. Only on the day (within 24 hrs): No refunds, no postponements. As we would have already prepared our staffing and material accordingly.

Note: When you sign up for our activities, you freely agree to the above T&Cs. We are sorry if you fall ill or have other personal reasons to cancel, but do not contest our T&Cs, say it's "fine print" or didn't read them, or insist we make an exception. As we keep our groups small for best vibes, please understand that your reserved slot prevents others from signing up. With short notice we probably cannot get replacement participants on time, while manpower (our largest cost) remains the same. A small business —and our livelihood— succeeds or fails by such guidelines, and we will fail if we keep making exceptions. The situation is the same if you suddenly could not make a concert: The organiser will not postpone or refund you.

Please don't make us feel bad or stress us to make exceptions for having rules which you had agreed to. This makes you a Trump / Karen. We hate typing this, but it has happened too often... If you do not agree to our T&Cs, please do not make a purchase, or inform us at least 10 days before your session for a full refund. 

Rain Policy

1. In case of inclement weather, we reserve the right to to postpone the session before the start time, for the safety of all participants and facilitators. We will usually make this call 1.5h before the start time. If you fear it will rain or dislike damp ground and choose not to attend despite us not having postponed it, you are deemed to have missed the session and no rescheduling or refund is possible. 

2. If rain comes mid-way through your session, we have shelters and can continue, unless it is not safe to do so (lightning). No refunds will be made if the session can continue safely or if you choose to leave halfway. 

3. If the session has to end prematurely after it has begun (at our sole discretion), you can reschedule another session at no extra cost. Our usual booking T&Cs apply (E.g. min 4 pax to start).


1. All vouchers purchased have a validity of 6 months from the date of purchase. 

2.  All vouchers are strictly non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and any unused balance will not be refunded. 

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