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Bean to Bar
Chocolate making Workshop 

Singapore's first bean-to-bar chocolate workshop

Chocolate is everywhere! But do you know where it comes from, that it grows out of the ground? 

This 2hr workshop is designed for anyone who loves chocolate or a hands-on food experience. This is Singapore's first and only live chocolate making workshop, where you'll explore the origins and creation of that universally-enjoyed treat. You'll roast raw cacao beans and slowly transform them into an edible bar of chocolate!

All this is done in The Nomad's Tent, our crazy desert-themed bar.

Highlights of this 2h session:

  • Learn the farm origin of chocolate; touch and feel raw cacao beans

  • Roast beans to first crack and grind down using a melanguer

  • Mould and bring a bar of your own chocolate home

Join-in sessions happen from every Saturday from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Min 4 pax to start*

Private sessions can be arranged for any day, subject to availability.

Join-In Sessions 
 Min. 4 pax to start, Max up to 6 pax

Non- participants (e.g. caregivers, teachers etc) can be
present when paying 50% of the below rates:

Adult (Rec >13 y.o.): $105

Private Sessions 

2 pax: $340 total​

>2 pax: add $95 per additional person
E.g. 4 pax private will cost $340 + $95 + $95 = $530

*For Join-in Sessionsyou may sign up first even if you do not have 4 pax. As more pax sign up later on, they will be added to the group. However if we do not reach 4 pax by the day before, we will either a) inform you to reschedule to another date, or b) you can choose to upgrade your booking to a private session. 

Want to gift this experience? 


We sell Gift Vouchers for all our experiences. We can customise the voucher to include the name of your recipient, and send it direct to them or through you.


Contact us via the WhatsApp button to enquire or make a purchase.

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