Roast Your Own Coffee + Brunch

Singapore's first live Coffee Roasting Experience

So you love coffee. And you can buy one from virtually anywhere. But do you know how the world's favourite beverage is created? At The Sundowner, we love doing things from scratch-- this is Singapore's first and only live coffee roasting experience, where you'll hand-make the freshest, most personal cuppa you'll ever drink!


This 1.5hr workshop is designed for casual enthusiasts, to explore the origins and expressions of coffee with our in-house barista. Most people simply pop a capsule into a machine or order the finished product from the counter. Now you'll get to to see a live coffee plant growing on the farm; select and roast raw coffee beans over a fire; grind them up by hand; and experiment with different brewing techniques  (Pour-over + Moka pot).

All this is done in The Nomad's Tent, our crazy desert-themed bar. You'll walk away better appreciating the provenance of your drink, and of course a litter fuller after enjoying simple but hard-earned brunch*!

*For brunch, you'll drink your own fresh brew, plus fresh bagels will be served. Coffee and Bagels, geddit geddit 😏? 


  • Operating a coffee roasting drum and grinder

  • Two coffees from different brewing techniques + bagel brunch

  • Take-home 60g packet of freshly roasted beans

Join-in sessions happen from 9:30 to 11am, every Saturday, and Sunday.

Private sessions can be arranged for any day, subject to availability.

Join-In Sessions 

( Min. 4 to start, Max up to 6 pax)

Adult (>13 y.o.): $95 

Private Sessions 

2 pax: $300 total​

More than 2 pax, add $90 per person
E.g. 4 pax private will cost $300 + $90 + $90 = $480