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Corporate Events

Looking for team-bonding or office event ideas?
We are your one-stop shop for running

Festivals, Collaborative Competitions, Talks


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From our suite of 10 featured experiences, we can run a half- or full-day festival setup at your premises. Our rooftop can comfortably host 40 pax. Larger team-bonding and corporate events from 50 - 150 pax can be held at your premises, or external event venue are also possible- We are partnered with Ola Beach Club at Sentosa. Based on your budget, The Sundowner will set up and man up to 6 booths, all from our list of award-winning sustainability and food-provenance experiences.

At the festival, participants are free to walk around and choose which booths to attend, based on their interest. Each station will last for 50 mins, followed by a 10-min interval. Participants can as such visit a total of 4 stations over 4 hours, or more for a longer duration festival.

Based on your budget, you may choose a variety of stations from these 10 activities. (Info on each station can be found here)

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Bee Encounter

Live honeybees on display, learn about conservation, bee rescues, and nature *Needs outdoor area



Learn about soil health, play with live earthworms, make compost, get gardening tips for your plants

Coffee roasting
Roast raw green beans to a perfect light roast, and learn how to grind and brew your own cuppa!

Mead making

Taste unique honeys and their mead varietal, and ferment a bottle of mead (honey wine) to take home 


Choose your perfect mix of soil, pebbles, and cute plants. Take home your own jar 


Mini Zen Garden

Study this ancient Japanese art form, then put together a mini take-home set


Microgreens & Sugarcane

Learn how to grow nutritious veg at home + take home a grow kit, and grind up a real sugarcane drink

​​Eat Some Bugs

See our pet ants , eat real baked insects, and learn about entomophagy- a low-carbon source of protein!



Learn the basics of mixology and bar equipment, and make (and drink) two classic cocktails (if you can!)

​​Paper Marbling

Try out this ancient Italian art form, freezing your own swirly aqueous designs on paper

Team-Building Competitions

To foster team spirit in the office, it always helps to take it outside and do extraordinary stuff you'll be talking about for weeks come -- but Escape Rooms are so cliched... Using 3 of our unique experiences, we've run dozens of sessions to help activate team-building elements such as Collaboration, Communication, Innovation, and Facing Adversity. Can be run at our space or externally.

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3h Pizza Making Experience

2 - 3 teams of 7 / 8 pax ea. Over 3 hrs, collaborate and compete to make the nicest pizza. We will taste-test to judge. You get to eat your creation too! All details and prices here.


2h Mini Treehouse Workshop

2 - 3 teams of 5 pax ea. Pick a mini bonsai, design and build together over 2h. You'll develop collaboration and planning skills, while competing to make the coolest mini-treehouse. All details and prices here

1.5h Cocktail Mixing Workshop

2 - 3 teams of 5 pax ea. Learn mixology basics over 2 drinks, then collaborate to concoct the last drink. We can provide unique coloured liquers to match your corporate colours! All details and prices here.


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Our founder Clarence Chua is an experienced emcee and speaker, having delivered talks for universities and schools, corporates, and government agencies over the past 10 years.  He has even emceed for Lee Kuan Yew and Elton John before!


As a multiple award-winning serial entrepreneur (see LinkedIn) and now running The Sundowner, rated 5.0 stars on Google over 500+ reviews, organizations look to him for insights and practical advice on topics such as user experience, environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, adaptability and resilience, and turning passions into profit.

Rates are $200 per hour.

Customer Service Excellence for Visitor Attractions 2010 - Winner 

Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework 2020 - Gold Award

Seek Sophie 2021 & Time Out Recommends 2022, 2023 - Recipient

BT-UOB Sustainability Impact Awards 2023 - Impact Leader Award 

Singapore Tourism Awards: Outstanding Tour Experience 2024 - Winner

To plan a corporate event with us, please email or text us by clicking on the Whatsapp link appended (92495400).

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