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Mead Making Workshop


Sure you can buy mead from the liquor store, but it's so much more fun to make your own. And that's what The Sundowner does best!

Our latest workshop starts in 16th century Europe, where newlyweds were commonly given a month (full moon)'s worth of mead as a wedding gift -- coining the term Honeymoon! Apparently it helped their 'fertility', to bear offspring a.s.a.p 🤭

You'll enjoy a quick tour of our apiary to inspect our honeybees up close, and understand why and how honey is made. Enjoy browsing our extensive honey library specialising in uniflorals from across Southeast Asia, and exotics from Europe and Aus/NZ. 

Then taste some of our honeys and house meads available, before you decide what honey varietal to yeast up! As you make your very own bottle of mead, you'll understand the cool science behind fermentation. Finally, walk away with your own developing bottle of artisanal alcohol or even buy a few from us. It makes a perfect gift or story to tell!

Join-in sessions:  2:30 to 4:00pm, held every Sunday. Min 4 pax to start*.

Private sessions: Can be arranged on any day, subject to availability.

Join-In Pricing

Adults: $95 per person

( Min. 4 to start*, Max 8 pax)

Non-participants (caregivers, teachers etc) can 
be present when paying 50% of the above rate

Private Pricing

Per Couple: $300 total

More than 2 pax: add $90 per additional person

E.g. 4 pax private will cost $300 + $90 + $90 = $480

*You may sign up first even if you do not have 4 pax.
As more pax sign up later on, they will be added to the group. However if we do not reach 4 pax by the day before, we will either a) inform you to reschedule to another date, or b) you can choose to upgrade your booking to a private session

Want to gift this experience? 


We sell Gift Vouchers for all our experiences. We can customise the voucher to include the name of your recipient, and send it direct to them or through you.


Contact us via the WhatsApp button to enquire or make a purchase.

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