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Eat Some Bugs. 


The future of food is here

The opening scene of 'Blade Runner 2049' is a barren, dystopic world where people survive on... farmed beetle larvae. Much has been said about the benefits of entomophagy (the consumption of insects). At The Sundowner, you can now test your nerve against all manners of baked creepy crawlies! We have stocked scorpions, ant eggs, grasshoppers, centipedes-- basically crazy things you'd never otherwise thought of eating!

Sign on to educate yourself about this high protein, low carbon diet that may save the world... As a dare for your hen's / stag night... Or just to do something really totally out there in Singapore 😬 Our insect food is sourced from an international supplier in Thailand, and will be both instaworthy and hygienic.

As with all our experiences, we include an educational component about provenance --i.e. where stuff comes from. Part of your Eat Some Bugs activity will be a tour of our ant displays. We have several native ant species in wacky settings: You'll learn how these insects live and reproduce, and why they're considered good for the earth.     


  • Intro tour to ants, in creative display tanks

  • Eat some crazy stuff you've probably never tried before

  • Totally instaworthy!

Join-in sessions: 2:30 to 4:00pm, held every Sunday. 
Min 4 pax to start

Private sessions: Can be arranged on any day, subject to availability.

Join-In Sessions

Min. 4 pax to start

Adult (>13 y.o.): $60
Child (0 to 12 y.o.): $50

Private Sessions 

2 pax: $190 total​

>2 pax: Add $50/ person

for eg: 4 pax will cost $190 + (2 x $70) = $330 total


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