Foraging + Resin Art Jamming

Make your own pendant, fun for everyone!

Here's something fun for the whole family: Prowl around our rooftop farm and find your favourite little thing to preserve. As you do this, you open your senses to the environment around you, and the colours and beauty of the natural world. An escape from urbanity has been shown to reduce stress and promote well-being!

We have everything from honeycomb, to flowers, to snail shells occurring naturally on our unlikely rooftop. The little ones especially will love roaming and foraging in the sun. Then you will learn how to arrange and layer your foraged keepsake in resin. This will cure (harden) and form a transparent and beautiful bubble around your find, preserving it for a long time.

Finally, our host will help to shape and machine your piece, while you choose between making it a pendant, necklace, brooch, or even earring. You'll get to take home two pieces and we promise you'll never find another piece of jewellery as personal as this!

Great for families, couples on dates, or for anyone who enjoys hands-on activities in nature. 

Join-in sessions happen from 3:00 to 4:30pm, every Saturday and Sunday. 

Private sessions can be arranged on any day, subject to availability.




Join-In Sessions: $75 per adult

( Min. 4 to start)

Private Sessions: $200 per couple

More than 2 pax, add $70 per person
E.g. 4 pax private will cost $200 + $70 + $70 = $340