The Magic of Earthworms
A Vermicomposting Workshop 

Creepy Crawlies? Think Again!

Most people think anything living under the ground are yucky creatures to run away from. Sadly, these gentle beings are misunderstood. They play a crucial role for our environment. In fact, many environmentalists agree that the single most effective weapon against climate change, is taking care of living soil!

The Sundowner is most famous for its flagship "Rooftop Farm Experience", and is now expanding on the organic theme by going in depth into earthworms. Especially fun for families, at this 1hr session, you'll search for different species of earthworms, and learn how living soil plays an important role in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

You'll also get to create and take home a mini worm habitat. Use this to start your own vermicomposting programme turning kitchen waste into rich compost. This will be great fertiliser to grow healthy plants at home! Our passionate farm guides will share with you tips and tricks on organic gardening as well.

Our 1hr Earthworm Encounter includes

  • Farm Tour and intro to organic gardening

  • Spotting different species of earthworms in their natural habitat

  • Take home a mini vermicomposting kit

Join-in sessions happen from 3:30 - 4:30pm, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Private sessions can be arranged on any day, subject to availability.


Join-In Sessions

( Min. 4 to start, Max up to 8 pax)

2 - 4 pax: $50 per adult  / $40 per child

5 - 6 pax: S$45 per adult / $35 per child 

7 - 8 pax: S$40 per adult / $30 per child

Or Contact Us to organise a private booking.