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Honey Pairings


We are Singapore's premier honey collectors, with an extensive library of Southeast Asian, European, and NZ / Australian uniflorals from a variety of species from Apis cerana to Apis mellifera to Stingless bees. Similar to any premium wine or whisky tasting session, we tease out the honeys' colour, aroma, clarity, taste, and texture.​ We now pair our golden liquids with a curated list of whiskies.

*Cheese Pairings are no longer available as of Nov 2022. 

Barrels & Bees


Aberfeldy partners with beekeepers around the world to raise awareness and support local bee communities, which create the local honey that perfectly complements Aberfeldy's whisky in delicious cocktails, like the Herbed Honey Smash. 

At our 1.5h Barrels & Bees experience, we have worked with Abedfeldy's ambassadors to select 3 of our unique unifloral honeys to pair with their 12, 16, and 18 year-old single malts. Each honey brings out the best in these expressions, and you'll walk away with a finer appreciation of 'The Golden Dram', as well as our rare honeys such as coconut, rainforest, and durian blossom. 

You'll also get up close with our honeybees, with an introductory session at the rooftop apiary. 

Join-in sessions happen from 3:30 to 4:30pm, every Saturday and Sunday. 

Private sessions can be arranged on any day, subject to availability.


Join-In Sessions: $75 per pax

( Min. 4 to start, Max 8 pax)

Private Sessions: $200 per couple

Add $70 per pax for each additional person above 2 pax

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