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XL Globe Terrarium

Now you can learn to build your own mini secret garden

Many terrarium workshops takes place in a drab classroom / shopping centre setting, but you'll get to do this on our beautiful working farm.

During this workshop, you will be introduced to the secrets of terrariums by getting to know more about soil, its micro-organisms, as well as learn tips and tricks to make your microgarden flourish.

You can find cheaper terrarium building workshops out there, but often they are small and not even terrariums-- just glorified glass pots 😆. Our self-enclosed terrariums cycle their own water and are LARGE, to sustain a healthy level of soil life that will fertilise your plants for months or years to come. Harvest bioactive soil from the farm, teeming with soil critters such as earthworms and woodlice. Then design and lay out your very own plantscape using a colourful range of plants and decor, under the guidance of a host.


Finally, go home with precious memories and a living mini-universe of nature in your hands! A great afternoon out for kids, and you can also extend the day by signing up for a Rooftop Farm Experience after!


Highlights of this 1.5h session

  • Learn the secrets of terrariums: drainage and soil life

  • Design and build your own terrarium from scratch 

  • Unique Globe Terrariums that no one else has 

Join-in sessions happen from 3 to 4:30pm, every Saturday, and Sunday. 

Private sessions can be arranged on any day, subject to availability.

Join-In Sessions 

( Min. 4 to start, Max 6 - 8 pax)

All ages: $95

Private Sessions

2 pax: $300 total
3 to 8 pax: $300 + additional $90 per additional pax

E.g. 4 pax will cost $300 + $90 +$90 = $480

Want to gift this experience? 


We sell Gift Vouchers for all our experiences. We can customise the voucher to include the name of your recipient, and send it direct to them or through you.


Contact us via the WhatsApp button to enquire or make a purchase.

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