Why Save The Bees?

Bees are crucial animals of any ecosystem – in fact, they are the greatest pollinators on our planet. A single colony can pollinate up to 3,000,000 flowers a day. They help fruit 30% of what we eat: watermelons, pears, apples, cabbages, mangoes, and many more. Without them, our dinner plates would be less colourful and nutritious. And our bowls will be filled with much less –and more expensive– food. 

Despite their crucial keystone services, most people instinctively fear bees – run away if they get buzzed in the open, or call an exterminator if they find a nest at home. ​It's too easy for pest control. 5 minutes and they're done; gassed a colony of 20,000 bees to death.

​We spend much longer to do the job. We remove them alive, relocating them to our apiaries in Siglap or Thomson. Since August 2020, we have saved over 100 hives from certain death. We work hard to give them an attractive new home and a second lease of life. 

​At The Sundowner, every bee nest / hive is a rescue. Then we teach our RFE participants the importance of bees, and show them how bees are the heroines of the garden -- and the earth.

Bee Rescue Pricing
Bees are not pests, and should not be treated as such. Pest control can charge as low $100 per job, as they kill the bees quickly and cruelly. Some of our rescue jobs take up to 5 hours, in order to save as many bees as we can and carefully relocate them. 

Our prices depend on technical difficulty and how long we spend on the job*.  As per industry standard, deployment of boom / scissor lift, and repair of broken tiles or cut ceiling boards will be paid for by the client separately.

*Prices listed are for Singapore mainland. For offshore (Ubin / Sentosa / Jurong Island etc) a transportation surcharge applies.






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For urgent jobs, call Clarence @ 96177164

​Want to own a bee nest / hive?
If you want to engage in the remarkable hobby of keeping bees in your own garden, this is possible as we occasionally have spares! We can install one at your place, after an inspection to ensure the site is suitable. 
- Dwarf honey bees (open comb on branch): $300
- Asian honey bees (in box): $600


Sponsorship of apiaries

Bees seldom have a safe space in Singapore as most people want them removed. We bring rescued bees to one of our apiaries, but these can get crowded too. If you have a garden or rooftop where we can access to house our rescued bees, please contact us.


A note about our sponsor

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Our Bee Rescue Programme is sponsored by global logistics company Kuehne+Nagel's Global Meadow initiative, and disbursed through German institute Stiftunglife. In 2022, Kuehne+Nagel is planting flowers for each employee. That’s 80,000 m² of flowering meadows supporting biodiversity and local conservation projects.


For our project, they are supporting our work in bee rescues, development of an apiary, and planting of a native flower garden to encourage bee friendly spaces. The Sundowner is very glad to put Singapore on the world map – read our sponsorship letter here!

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